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Megan Cleland

Products are needle felted painting combined with mixed media.
Megan is a self-taught artist with a passion for felting. In 2000 Megan and her husband purchased a farm in Australia that came with 400 fine wool merinos. She started explored felting, spinning, and weaving for the sheer enjoyment of being surrounded by incredible fibres.
Megan returned to Canada in 2008 and began to combine her love of portraiture and needle felting. The switch from amateur to professional has been a recent decision. The response to Megan's work has driven that path. Painting with wool to create realistic portraits and landscapes has been a natural progression from watercolour and pastel with exciting results. It is more organic and has a warmth and texture that makes the viewer want to reach out and touch it. Megan has now added a new element into her work. Acrylic paints are adding a new dimension and texture in the portraits and landscapes.