We are a small, friendly group of hand-spinners and weavers centred around Alliston, Ontario.

Our monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month, from 1pm to 4pm. The program may include speakers, hands on activities, demonstrations, "show and tell", social events and occasional field trips. This meeting is usually held at The Gibson Centre for Arts, Community and Culture at 63 Tupper St. W. in Alliston on the third floor, but several meetings a year are held at other locations.

We also gather every Thursday at the Gibson Centre from 10am to noon. Most of us stay for lunch at the cafe. These Studio sessions also allow prospective spinners and weavers to learn the basics of these arts.

All meetings are tentative and subject to change, so visitors and potential members should contact Linda at (705) 435 6991 before coming out. You can also email us at guild@darwinsys.com